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K9 Training Apprentice Program
Is this program for me?
The apprenticeship is 150 hours total.  Additional work will need to be done on your own time (study and practice) however, below will give you the break down of how your time will be spent in the program:

48 hoursHands on class training instruction.  36 hours will allow for the observing, assisting, participating, co-leading and instructing in our puppy kindergarten  and courteous canine group classes.  The additional 12 hours are students choice of two classes (6 week sessions each) we offer.  Other classes include: advanced and CGC prep, reactive rover, around town, trick training for animal actors.
30 hours: Study. Canine Biology and Anatomy, Ethology, Body Language, General Health, Development, Life Stages, and Scientific Method.
12 hours: Behavior modification and challenges.  Students will observe and participate in private training sessions with our clients who are seeking help with a variety of behavior challenges. This will aid in the development of Observational and Consulting Skills.
25 hours: Wrangling / day training with daycare and day training guests.  Students will assist trainers and wranglers in training and care of guests as well as observe canine communication and interaction (opportunity in ethology studies). 
20 hours: Business skills and responsibilities in the dog training industry.  Students will learn how to keep records for behavior modification cases, developing class curriculum, and a variety of other administrative duties by assisting and spear heading small office and business projects.  Some projects and events will occur on weekends.
15 hours: traditional Assigned reading and videos, seminar observations, discussion, class and training review, Q&A and exam time.

We require a minimum of 10 hours on site per week committed to this program.  Ideally, schedules are determined in advance and we make all efforts to be flexible with schedules needed.  It is possible to complete this program in approximately twelve weeks however it will most likely take 4-6 months.
This program is intended for the following type of curious individuals:
  • Those interested in exploring a potential career working with dogs (or almost any animals).  
  • Those who may have acquired book knowledge of canine behavior and training and now desire "hands on" / "real world" experience.
  • Current trainers who may be new to the industry and need additional hours and studies in preparation for the CPDT-KA certification. 
  • Individuals who simply want to work with dogs and may enjoy time working and helping others train their dogs.

What is the time commitment to this program?
Through this canine instructor training program, you will learn fundamentals needed to develop desired canine skills and specifically apply your knowledge to real world canine group class training.
What is the financial investment in this program?
To be successful in this program and as a future instructor, you will need to possess the following skills, qualities, and abilities:
  • A strong desire to obtain as much knowledge as possible regarding canine behavior, and the understanding that when you one day believe you've read, experienced, observed EVERYTHING there is, you are willing to admit you don't know everything (every dog and guardian's experience and history is different and new information regularly becomes available) and you will commit to ALWAYS being open to find and learn from current studies, tools, methods, etc. 
  • The ability to proactively and reactively move quickly (and slowly) when appropriate.      
  • Ability to handle and quickly recover from being pulled, yanked, jumped on, drooled on, scratched and on the rare occassion bitten by large and small dogs. 
  • The ability to bend over, sit on the ground, pick up dog crates, bags of dog food, dogs and puppies, move tables, chairs, gates, and in general be physically sound.
  • Exceptional listening, observational and situational awareness skills. 
  • The ability to have fun and laugh at yourself but know when it is time to be professional.
  • A neat and professional appearance
  • The understanding that modifying canine behavior (all animal behavior) is science based and NOT on out-dated theories, emotions, physical force, intimidation, irrelevant studies, or what you heard from a friend.
  • The ability to work in a variety of environments and climates for long periods of time (outdoors potentially being hot, humid, windy, cold, rainy, dusty, muddy and indoors being loud, sometimes without air conditioning).
The total cost of the program is $1,295.  Various payment options available including partial work / trade agreements.
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