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​Busy schedules and hectic lives can put training Fido on the never ending "To Do List".  We pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients a flexible and easy solution to training - Ensuring your 4-legged family member doesn't get left behind!  Whether you are going out of town for vacation, have a busy lifestyle and need help with foundation building skills, or just want your dog trained the right way (with modern science based methods), our Stay, Play & Train programs should have an option to fit your needs!  

We’ll customize education and training based on individual needs and preferences. 

Stay, Play & Train (SPT) program include training & socialization at Tega K9, an in-home private training session to prepare for your dog 
or puppy's training time with us as well as a transfer session to show and teach you how to utilize the skills your dog or puppy has 
learned.  Subsequent packages will include transfer meetings only, thus you will see  a lower rate after the initial 10 day program.  
*Skill transfer sessions must be scheduled through our client service representative and completed within 1 week of your dog 
returning home after training to ensure the skills are being utilized on a regular basis.

All guardians are required to complete our training questionnaire AT LEAST 24 hours prior to your in home preparation meeting.  
Your feedback on this questionnaire will help us understand your needs and challenges so we can help make the time your dog spends 
with us as successful as possible and ultimately life with and for your dog the best it can be!

Manners and skills training results will vary by age, breed, prior experiences, guardian compliance and follow up / reinforcement at home.   
Although skill results will vary from dog to dog, some recommended skills includes: Automatic Sit (to replace jumping and proper greetings), 
Sit, Down, Stay, Wait, Leave-it, Find-it, Touch, Take-It, Thank you, Drop it, Release, Loose-Leash walking fundamentals, 
and Foundation Recall (come when called).  

After the aforementioned skills are mastered we can build upon what they'll know with distraction work as well as incorporate tricks.  It is up to you as to how far you and your dog would like to go in the training and development. We can always suggest additional skills you may be interested in. 

We can also help with many behavior challenges (this is different than skill building like sit, down, stay, etc)..  Some behavior modification challenges, include house training, counter surfing, jumping, mouthing, to name a few.  When fear based behaviors need to be addressed, in most cases a SPT program is not the best environment for your dog / puppy and will need extra time, patience and consideration in regard with how to proceed through our behavior modification program.

If you and your dog have specific challenges you need addressed and they were not mentioned in the above description, just let us know and we can discuss how to work with those issues.

As a preventative measure for puppies; desensitization to various sounds such as thunderstorms, fireworks, etc.. and everyday life experiences (Umbrella's, Skateboards, people in Uniform, etc.) is incorporated in our training program.  Although we do what we can in our facility, nothing will replace what you do with your dog or puppy outside of our learning environment.  We give you the tools necessary to facilitate appropriate and necessary for real life experiences.

And of course the training program wouldn't be complete without the off leash socialization and play with other well other socialized, appropriate sized dogs and puppies!  Your dog or puppy will not be left in a kennel, cage or run when staying with us.  Between training sessions, they will socialize with other dogs and our staff and choose where they rest and take breaks.  The environment will be a be safe, fun, force free, with little or no stress! AND... the use of choke, prong or electric shock collars are NEVER an option given the experience, and education our trainers have as well as the gentle, consistent and clear training and communication skills they provide our canine students!

Overall,  this program will help your puppy or dog to successfully develop a strong foundation in becoming a well mannered, emotionally healthy, confident dog who you'll be proud to have with you wherever you go or at home.  And we have to mention, when you pick up your pup from day training, you'll take home a tired dog who's ready to sleep at night when you are (added bonus for you)! 

Stay, Play and Train Rates Start at $1468 for 10 days and $791 for subsequent weeks (7 days) and $121 for additional single days.  Most programs are between 2-6 weeks in duration.  Ten days in the SPT program is the minimum.
Stay, Play & Train Program & Rates
Stay, Play & Train (Puppy to Adult)
All dogs and puppies must be evaluated for temperament if they have not completed a Tega K9 Training Class within the past six weeks. The cost is $35 and temperament evaluation approvals are good for 3 months from the initial evaluation day. Evaluations MUST be set by appointment in advance and we can only allow for two evaluations per day. Proof of up to date vaccinations and completed  Tega K9's Off Leash Play and Training Application are required prior to enrolling in any of our training or daycare programs. Please call to set up an appointment for this one full day, onsite evaluation, 803-802-0032.