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One and Done 

A one time individual session is great for the following situations:

  • Behavior consultations to determine on how to proceed with a variety of behavior challenges.
  • Those who have recently adopted or brought a new dog or puppy into the family.  Generally new pet owners    have many questions regarding housetraining, meal schedules, reward systems, sleeping arrangements and a variety of behavior questions or concerns.  To get started on the right paw and to preserve your sanity, a one-time private starter session is recommended.
  • If you missed one or more group sessions and want to catch up or if your dog is struggling with a particular skill, this one on one time can help.
  • Pet selection consultations to assist in determining what breed would be an ideal match for you and your family as well as how to proceed on finding the right dog from the right breeder or adoption agency.
  • You've been to classes and you've done all your homework but someone in your home is purposely or not sabotaging all of your hard work. You need a One and Done Session to get everyone in your home on the same page!

It's All About You

When our class schedule, pace or possible distractions of a group setting won't fit your needs, private training is a fast and flexible option. We can usually set an appointment within days of your initial inquiry and we'll move along at the pace you and your dog prefer. Generally, when working together one on one we are able to cover additional topics and skills in a reduced amount of meetings because we are focusing solely on your needs.

This private training is set up as session packages which will incorporate you being taught how to work with your dog's specific behaviors and your desired skills which is then demonstrated by your trainer. From here you are given approximately a week to ten days to practice with your dog. As your sessions with your trainer continue, you and your dogs knowledge, skills and weekly goals are increased and training will advance to your satisfaction.

Generally, our private basic to advance manners training is an average of 3-5 sessions. Package rates start at $439.

Training with Children

If your home includes small children we recommend private training to educate your child/children on how they can appropriately communicate and play with the family dog as well the responsibilities that come along while living with a dog. During this child and pet focused program we will discuss and help your child become a comfortable part of your puppy or dogs learning.  An example of topics covered:

  • Best response when a dog jumps, chases, and treats your child like a chew toy, etc..
  • Reading your dog's body language.
  • How to properly pet and play with the family dog so that it is not counterproductive to training and confusing to your dog.
  • Best ways for your child to be a "Helper" to and with the dog.  
  • Discuss Family Dog Rules and the importance of each.
  • Discuss the differences between the family dog and strange dogs.
  • General Dog Safety
  • Tricks and games your child can play with the family dog while you focus on the skills and manners.
  • Age appropriate information relevant to your dogs breed, history, etc. with handouts, activities and prizes.

Private Training Sessions in your home cost $149 per session** 
*  $15 additional cost for each additional dog in the family we will work with in the same session
** Additional time & travel fee for those appointments 10 miles outside of Tega Cay. 
Private Training Services (Puppies to Adult)
At Tega K9 Training, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs which is why we offer a variety of in-home training services.  Private training is available for your convenience either in your home, at our training facility or various public locations and each session generally takes 1 to 1.5 hours.
Call to schedule your private in-home training appointment!  803-802-0032